The transparent exchange of information and opinions on all political, economic, and technological aspects of energy policy is crucial in the legislative process.
The European Energy Forum is the place, open to all MEPs, private and public stakeholders, where this fruitful exchange happens”.

Jerzy Buzek - MEP, President of the EEF

  • Why do we exist? 

Because open information is key in policymaking

Our Forum meets the need for open information and exchange of views of policy makers, providing them with all data necessary to understand the issues at stake. From there, they will be able to form their opinion autonomously when shaping political solutions.

We make sure there is a reciprocal exchange of information between the MEPs and the private and public stakeholders but also the institutional representatives, as well as all other interested parties.
It is key for all energy stakeholders to achieve an overall understanding of energy, climate, and transport-related topics.

  • How do we operate? 

We put openness, inclusiveness, neutrality, and balance at the core of all our activities 

For 25 years, we ensure the information we provide is open, transparent, and up to expectations, including scientific facts and technologic improvements.
We deal with all aspects linked to the energy reality and welcome all MEPs as well as interested parties, because an exchange is only fruitful if everyone can provide his expertise and share his ideas.

We do not ourselves take any positions but offer the chance to explore all possibilities from right across the political and technological spectra.

We monitor the work of the EU institutions and the developments in the fields of relevance. As we keep an eye on the evolving reality and on the future, we strive to develop a dynamic programme able to bring the right person and discuss the right topics at the right time.

All our discussions are held under the Chatham House rule, to promote a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is free to express his point of view and encouraged to participate actively.

  • What do we provide? 

A cross-party, cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder platform for discussion

We establish a permanent dialogue between the European Parliament, energy stakeholders, the European Commission as well as other key institutions through a variety of high-level events

  • Dinner-debates, to discuss specific energy, climate and transport-related topics linked to the ongoing EU legislative work.
  • Briefing sessions, to help MEPs advisers and assistants achieve better background knowledge on diverse technological aspects linked to the energy reality.
  • Educational visits, to study the reality of the field, assess technological feasibility and understand the impact of different policy choices.


Activities are chaired by the President of our Forum, or by another MEP. The European Commission also participates actively in every event.
Our Active and Associate Members are the primary supporters and addressees of all our activities. 
Our audience includes a broader and ever-expanding community. We have a long history of welcoming senior officials and high-level institutional personalities from the European Commission, the Council, Permanent Representations and Missions to the EU, as well as other public authorities. They recognise the value of what we do, follow our activities with strong interest, and enrich our discussions.

Participation in EEF events is for members and institutions. Please contact us at the following link for participation rules or download this document.