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Request for membership can be submitted to Pascale Verheust at the following email address: pascale.verheust(at)

Why join us?

Active Members (MEPs)

  • Get informed on different energy subjects

The EEF strives to tackle all energy fields when organising events, keeping a balance and taking into account the EU’s institutional agenda.

  • Exchange views with energy experts

In addition to EEF members representing all energy sectors, EEF events are attended by key players active in the field of energy: European Commission officials, permanent representations, Council of Europe representatives.

  • Participate in the EEF annual General Assembly

Active Members are invited each year to attend and vote at the General Assembly, where past and future activities are discussed, the annual accounts are approved and the current year’s budget is voted.

  • Propose topics for discussion

Active Members participate in discussions defining the work programme of the EEF and inform the EEF on the topics they believe are of interest to EU energy players.

  • Invite your assistants to the EEF briefing sessions

The EEF also gives MEPs assistants the opportunity to get informed on general energy issues. Briefing sessions are organized by the EEF in collaboration with energy experts.


Associate Members (Industry)

  • Express your views in EEF events

The richness of EEF activities resides in the fact that all EEF members representing different energy sectors are invited to attend each event, even if the event doesn’t directly deal with their sector. The EEF firmly believes that the views of all its members should be expressed in EEF events.

  • Get informed on different aspects of energy

EEF events address a broad range of energy-related subjects, taking into account the EU’s institutional agenda. At EEF dinner-debates, representatives of the European Commission report on the progress made by the EU regarding the energy matter concerned.

  • Host an EEF event

Associate Members can host an event on a subject of their choice, after approval of the subject by the Bureau.

  • Boost your visibility

A webpage is dedicated to each member of the EEF. Each Associate Member is also introduced in the EEF booklet which is distributed to Active and Associate Members, the European Commission and other interested parties.

  •  Participate in internal meetings with the Board

Associate Members are invited to sit on the Industrial and Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC), a committee that helps the Board to set out the areas on which the EEF's work should concentrate. The Committee is called on by the Board at least once a year.



Active Members

Active membership is open to any Member of the European Parliament (MEP). MEPs who want to become Active Members of the EEF have to submit their application to the Association.

The subscription for Active Members is a maximum of 15 euros per year. Active Members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and may be appointed to the Board of Directors.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to companies, associations, research groups and regulators active in the energy sector.

-The annual membership fee for Associate Members is a minimum of 7000 euros.
-There is a reduced fee applied for non-commercial associations that have, amongst their members, companies that are already members of the EEF themselves. The reduced annual contribution is 2500 euros.
-Research organisations pay an annual membership fee of 2500 euros.

Energy actors that want to become Associate Member of the EEF must submit their application to the Association. Once their membership request has been accepted and they contribute the annual fee agreed with the EEF, the new Associate Member can attend EEF events.

Membership is automatically renewed for the next year. An Associate Member who does not wish to renew its membership has to send to the EEF Secretariat a written notification at the latest 6 months before the end of the year (before 30th June).

The EEF is pleased to welcome non-member companies eligible for membership to up to 2 EEF events. After, the EEF reserves the right to request membership for further attendance at events.


Rules for attending EEF events

Associate Members constituted as associations, organizations, groupings or federations undertake only to be the spokesperson of the collective interests they represent to the exclusion of the individual interests of any of their own full or associate members. Only the secretariat of the Association will be allowed to participate in EEF activities.

Representatives of “consultancy” firms can neither be taken into account for membership of the EEF, nor participate in EEF events unless a player in the energy sector and Associate Member of the EEF specifically states that they will be represented by such “consultant”.

Should a consultant or a lawyer be mandated by a company in the energy sector to be their official representative, we would be pleased to consider the Associate membership of that company to the European Energy Forum with the consultant as permanent EEF contact of the company. Invitations to EEF events are not transferable inside the consultancy.

In order to facilitate the exchange of views and discussions, events take place under “Chatham House Rule”. Each participant acknowledges the existence of this rule and commits to respect it unconditionally through his participation to an event in order to encourage openness and sharing of information without disclosing the identity or affiliation of the source of the information and without disclosing the identity of other participants.