Congress on "Energy & Resource Efficiency", Würzburg

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CEWEP is pleased to announce that its 6th Congress will focus on Waste-to-Energy’s contribution to Energy & Resource Efficiency.
The Congress will provide a forum to hear from experts and exchange experience on recent and future developments including:

  •      EU Energy Efficiency Directive 
  •      EU Industrial Emissions Directive and review of the BREFs
  •      Good practice: enhancing energy efficiency in Waste-to-Energy plants
  •      Bottom Ash – a valuable resource: metal recycling from Bottom Ash
  •      Global developments in the Waste-to-Energy sector
  •      Architecture’s role in the visual impact of Waste-to-Energy plants

 The congress programme and registration details will be placed on-line shortly. For further information, please check this link.

CEWEP is the umbrella association of the Waste-to-Energy plants across Europe. They thermally treat household and similar waste that remains after waste prevention, reuse and recycling by generating energy from it.