Visit to the smart building "Living Tomorrow"

  • Visit in Brussels

The EEF was invited by ABB to visit the smart building “Living Tomorrow” located on the outskirts of Brussels. ABB is partner in this innovative project and kindly invited EEF Members to witness innovative technologies available today to energy customers.

The “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package is now on the table, with proposals to support local energy communities, smart buildings and to fully blend renewables in the energy market. But, concretely how will the energy transition play out for Europeans’ homes and workplaces?

The tour offered a glimpse of technologies now appearing in our daily life, such as:

  • Home energy management systems, providing  greater energy efficiency and comfort;
  • Solar fast-chargers, enabling consumers to charge their car with carbon-free electricity ;
  • Storage systems, helping households to save on their electricity bill;
  • Microgrids, making local communities more resilient to extreme weather events, and contributing to keeping the power system stable.