Updating the Third Package for 2030: the ENTSOs as key delivery partner

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg
    • EEF dinner-debate "Updating the Third Package for 2030: the ENTSOs as key delivery partner"
Main speaker: 
  • Peder Andreasen, ENTSO-E President
  • Jan Ingwersen, General Manager of ENTSOG
  • Oliver Koch, DG Energy

Intervention by Alberto Pototschnig, ACER Director

The European Commission’s Clean Energy Package updates the Third Package and complements its 2016 proposals on gas security of supply. While the Clean Energy Package is largely an electricity package, transmission system operators (TSOs) both of gas and electricity see similar challenges in their changing role and governance.

At the same time the differences between the two sectors should be duly reflected – in particular relevant for the so-called mirroring exercise on the gas sector. Addressing how the ENTSOs can fulfil their roles and achieve their goals is equally important as how the regulatory control should be designed.

The dinner-debate discussed the challenges the ENTSOs have to meet and the solutions they offer, as well as their interaction with ACER, the European Commission and the European Parliament.