UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 7: Does coal have a role in providing affordable and clean energy?

  • Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 

Mr. Michał Drabik, Economic Affairs Officer in Sustainable Energy Division 
Mr.Tomasz Rogala, CEO, Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., President of EURACOAL
M. Haitze Siemers, Head of Unit “New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal”, DG Energy

The work of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) on sustainable energy is designed to improve access to affordable and clean energy for all and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the carbon footprint of the energy sector across the UNECE region.

The Commission promotes international policy dialogue and co-operation among governments, energy industries and other stakeholders. Its focus is on energy efficiency, cleaner electricity production from coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, coal mine methane, natural gas, classification of energy reserves and resources, and energy security.

Climate policy is of global importance and a single continent cannot save the whole planet. It will be our pleasure to welcome Mr. Michał Drabik, Economic Affairs Officer in Sustainable Energy Division - lawyer by education who informed us on the UN Sustainable Development Goal on “Affordable and clean energy” (SDG No. 7), a global-scale ambition.

As an introduction to our event Mr.Tomasz Rogala, CEO, Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A., President of EURACOAL, presented the CoalTech2051 project “European coal research in light of EU policy objectives to 2050 and future global trends in coal use”, supported by the EU Research Fund for Coal and Steel.