Retail markets in the Clean Energy Package: the electricity industry and consumers debate

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Antonio Coutinho, Chair of EURELECTRIC Retail Customers Committee 

Guest speaker:

  • Monika De Volder, Senior Economic Officer, Team Leader on Energy at BEUC

Intervention by Eero  Ailio, DG ENER, European Commission


As the work on the Clean Energy Package (CEP) advances both in the European Parliament and the Council, together with EURELECTRIC we want  to debate the key provisions dealing with future retail electricity markets. 

Will the CEP, as it stands, lead to a consumer-centric energy market? Will it guarantee that consumers can easily navigate and engage in the market? Will it ensure that all consumers are able to benefit from the energy transition? 

In a series of focused exchanges, speakers from the European electricity industry, EURELECTRIC, and from the European Consumer Organisation, BEUC, will steer the debate on the Commission’s proposals on retail prices, energy poverty, billing, switching, demand response and self-generation.