The new Electricity Market Design – a smart regulation for smart distribution networks?

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Christian Buchel,  Chairman of EDSO for Smart Grids & Member of the Board – Director for Customers, Markets, Territories and Europe of Enedis
  • Anna Colucci, DG Energy - Head of Unit "Retail markets, coal & oil"

With the energy transition unfolding, electricity distribution system operators (DSOs) are becoming increasingly important. More than 90% of renewable capacity is connected to their distribution networks. The crucial role of DSOs as active system managers and neutral market facilitators is also acknowledged in the Clean Energy Package’s Electricity Regulation and Directive. This new Market Design will establish the EU DSO entity and address crucial topics such as storage ownership for network operators, flexibility and the relationship with other emerging actors.


As the legislative work is entering a decisive phase, this is a good opportunity to ask the question what are the right provisions to tackle the upcoming challenges of the energy sector and specifically the needs of electricity network operators.