How electricity and industry can deliver on the decarbonisation objectives

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg

Chaired by Ondřej Knotek  - MEP RE, Czechia & Active Member of the EEF


Kristian Ruby - Secretary General of Eurelectric
Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen - Head of Sustainability of Hydro
Hans Van Steen - Acting Director (ENER.C) “Renewable, Research and Innovation, Energy efficiency”, European Commission

The European Commission’s long-term climate strategy, along with other studies, has identified electrification as one of the most effective way of reaching the decarbonisation objectives and meeting the goals set by the Paris agreement. Concretely this means a major shift to electricity in transport, buildings and industry throughout Europe, either through direct use of decarbonised electricity or indirectly through Power-to-X technologies. 

Industry is often regarded as a challenging sector to address in terms of carbon emissions. However, European industry and its value chains are well placed to provide low-carbon solutions compared to other regions in the world.

Eurelectric and Hydro would like to discuss with you how the power sector and electro-intensive industries, such as aluminium, can cooperate towards this goal. Building on its decarbonisation pathways study and insights from energy intensive analyses, Eurelectric will present some figures and policy messages on electrification and decarbonisation of industrial sectors. Hydro will complete the picture giving insights into its long-term climate strategy and presenting its new greener aluminium products and solutions.