Greening the gas grid: the biomethane opportunity

Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Edouard Sauvage, Director General of GRDF

Intervention from the European Commission:

  • Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit for New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal

The Clean Energy for all Europeans package presented last November is setting the path towards a clean energy transition. Renewable energy is key to EU effectively making the transition to a low-emission economy. 

Biomethane is a gas which can be produced locally from urban and agricultural waste. It can contribute to both gas security of supply and diversification of renewable energy sources. Indeed, biomethane can be stored and provide flexibility addition capacity to existing gas grids, thus complementing other intermittent renewable energies. 

This dinner-debate will outline how biomethane could further renewable energy targets in the internal energy market and help achieve long-term low-emission objectives, based on the experience and research of GRDF, the largest European gas DSO. 

We look forward to enriching the debate through a constructive discussion with EEF members.