Energy market design: keep all doors open to innovation

  • Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 
  • Sabine Augustin, Chair of Eurogas Strategy Committee


  • Alain Janssens, Vice-Chair of Markets Committee at Eurelectric
  • Matti Supponen, DG ENER, European Commission

The technologies and solutions filling the new energy market design with life will rely heavily on innovation. How flexible do we have to be with the market design to ensure the EU does not miss out on opportunities to move beyond today’s imagination?

This dinner-debate hosted by Eurogas will inform EEF members about different innovation pathways that could merge to promising (secure, affordable and sustainable) energy systems:  centralised and decentralised, driven by gaseous energy, electricity or both. Eurogas will seek to identify the policies that can help things happen. Eurelectric will provide a complementary view from the electricity sector.