Energy Efficiency and renewables integrated in an urban area

1Jun to 3Jun
Visit in Vienna

The delegation flied to Vienna in the afternoon of Thursday 1st June and the visit will ended at 12.00 on Saturday 3rd June. The programme of this visit included the following activities:

  • Meeting with E-Control Austria (regulatory authority for the electricity and gas markets)
  • Meeting with the Energy Community
  • Visit to Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR) facilities, based in a new and innovative quarter of Vienna currently under development which integrates research on 4 dimensions:
    • Smart grids (intelligent management of energy distribution networks)
    • Smart citizens (involvement of citizens in energy issues)
    • Smart buildings (intelligent management of consumption, production and energy storage)
    • Smart ICT (linking buildings and energy distribution networks by using ICT)
  • Visit to Spittelau Waste Incineration Plant & District Cooling Center, which combines thermal recycling of waste with district cooling and is an example on the synergies between technology and art.
  • Visit to Freudenau Danube Power Plant (hydropower), the first large-scale river power plant worldwide in a city of over one million inhabitants.
  • Visit to Simmering Cogeneration Plant to better understand the conditions for CHP development, the opportunities that this technique provides for system flexibility and storage, the interaction between the electricity and heat sectors and the characteristics of modern district heating systems.

In addition, the delegation was received by a representative of the Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and by the City Government.