Effective integration of renewables – why flexibility is key

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Kari Hietanen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations & Legal Affairs, Wärtsilä
  • Stefan Schauss, Director Business Development EMEA, Greensmith Energy

Intervention by Hans van Steen, Adviser to the Director for Renewables, Research and Innovation, Energy Efficiency at DG Energy

As part of the Clean Energy Package, the European Commission has proposed new rules to address key challenges in the European electricity market, in particular the integration of renewables into the market and the subsequent flexibility challenge. 

How to make the market fit for more flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions? How to send clear price signals and set the right investment climate for the years to come? These are key questions which the new legislation attempts to answer, and which were addressed during the dinner-debate.

Kari Hietanen, Wärtsilä’s Executive Vice-President, discussed how a market-based model could create the necessary incentives to reward flexibility through generation, storage, demand response and interconnections. In a complementary perspective, Stefan Schauss of Greensmith Energy, a US-based energy storage company, explained how storage has the potential to balance the intermittency of RES, highlighting concrete examples from the US. Hans van Steen from DG Energy presented the key principles in the Commission's proposal which address the flexibility challenge.