Does the Energy Union need Capacity Mechanisms to keep the lights on?

  • Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 
  • Introduction by Ralf Wezel, Secretary General of EUGINE
  • Speech by Marcel Zürn, Member of EUGINE Working Group Market Design & Manager Corporate Market Intelligence at Rolls-Royce Power Systems
  • Interventions by Florian Ermacora - DG Energy - and Christof Schoser - DG Competition

The debate on capacity mechanisms (CMs) promises to be intense during the discussions on the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package.

In the context of a fast evolving energy system, Members of the European Parliament and Governments will have to decide on the best way to avoid network disruptions. How to create a functioning European internal electricity market combining national interests and guaranteeing a stable energy supply for all Europeans at the same time?

The dinner-debate was introduced with a brief overview on capacity mechanisms in different EU Member States. Marcel Zürn from EUGINE’s Working Group Market Design then discussed the Association’s perspective on capacity mechanisms in the new market design. Representatives of DG Energy and DG Competition provided complementary statements.