Distributed Energy: Benefits for Business Customers and the European Energy System

Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 
  • Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director Distributed Energy and Power, Centrica
  • Intervention by Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Senior Officer for Smart Grids at DG Energy, European Commission

Advances in technology and the need to bring down emissions result in major changes to the energy landscape. Among these, increasing dispersed generation from renewables is having a particular impact driving the need for more local, flexible systemic solutions.

Distributed Energy is at the heart of EU’s energy transformation. Installed close to consumers, distributed energy sources take various forms: small-scale power generation, CHP, battery storage, etc. For industries and commercial activities, installing distributed generation assets on-site means greater control over their energy use, reduced costs and lower emissions.

What is the potential of Distributed Energy and what benefits does it bring to our economies? Does the Electricity Market Design reform provide a suitable framework for such flexible assets? How can we best manage the increased complexity of our energy system?

Presentation by Centrica will set the stage for reflection on these questions and discussion on how digital technologies and the increase in data processing are transforming the energy landscape. In addition, a perspective of business energy consumers will help explore how they can be empowered to operate, monitor and optimise their energy assets.