Circular Economy meets Energy Union

Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 
  • Ferdinand Kleppmann, President of CEWEP (the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) 
  • Marta Gurin, Technical & Scientific Officer at CEWEP

European Commission:

  • Intervention by Jorge Diaz del Castillo from DG Environment
  • Intervention by Eva Hoos from DG Energy

The Clean Energy Package emphasizes the importance of diversification of energy sources, energy efficiency and low-emission targets of a circular economy in Europe. In addition, the European Commission has just published its new communication that exploits the potential of Waste-to-Energy to contribute to both the Energy Union and the Circular Economy strategy.

Waste-to-Energy is a way to generate energy - in the form of electricity, steam, hot water - from residual waste. It has the potential to reduce land-filling and imports of fossil fuels while contributing to low-emission economy, air quality and energy efficiency.

With a short trip across Europe, CEWEP will showcase initiatives combining the goals of the Circular Economy and the Energy Union, taking you to the harbour of Antwerp in Belgium, Ruhrgebiet in Germany, Olsztyn in Poland, Klaipeda in Lithuania and Barcelona in Spain.

After the presentations, our members will discuss how Europe could benefit environmentally, economically and socially by making better use of its resources and synergies between different systems.