Circular Economy meets Energy Union

  • Dinner debate in Brussels
Main speaker: 

-Ferdinand Kleppmann, President of CEWEP (the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) 

-European Commission:

  • DG Environment: Jorge Diaz del Castillo, Legal Officer
  • DG Energy: Eva Hoos, Policy Officer

-Marta Gurin: Senior Scientific and Policy Officer at CEWEP

The Clean Energy Package emphasizes the importance of diversification of energy sources, energy efficiency and low-emission targets of a circular economy in Europe. In addition, the European Commission has just published its new communication that exploits the potential of Waste-to-Energy to contribute to both the Energy Union and the Circular Economy strategy.

Waste-to-Energy is a way to generate energy - in the form of electricity, steam, hot water - from residual waste. It has the potential to reduce land-filling and imports of fossil fuels while contributing to low-emission economy, air quality and energy efficiency.

With a short trip across Europe, CEWEP introduced initiatives combining the goals of the Circular Economy and the Energy Union, from the harbour of Antwerp in Belgium to Olsztyn in Poland.