The Brexit impact on nuclear energy: how to ensure a smooth transition

Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Adam Kanne, Senior Advisor at Uniper, Chairman of FORATOM’s Brexit Task Force

Other interventions:

  • Welcome by Yves Desbazeille, Director General of FORATOM
  • Intervention by MEP Julie Girling, UK

Following the UK's vote in June 2016 to leave the EU, the Government has since indicated it also intends to withdraw the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) Treaty.

The Euratom Treaty provides the legal framework for civil nuclear power generation and radioactive waste management. This includes arrangements for nuclear safeguards, safety and the movement and trade of nuclear materials between Euratom Members as well as between Euratom Members and third countries. The Euratom Treaty has also established a common market within the EU for nuclear goods, services and workers, promoted R&D and created a European safeguards regime.
The withdrawal from the Euratom community may have a severe impact on both the European Union and United Kingdom. In order to avoid disruption in the nuclear sector, both sides will have to cooperate closely to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place.

During the debate, invited speakers, representing both the nuclear industry and EU institutions, will discuss the importance of ensuring a smooth nuclear transition for the EU and UK.