10 years of achievements after the Third Energy Package: perspectives on the #FutureEnergySystem

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg

Chaired by Jerzy Buzek - MEP & President of the EEF



Joachim Vanzetta - Chair of the Board of ENTSO-E
(European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity)

Jan Ingwersen - General Manager at ENTSOG
(European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas)

Alberto Pototschnig - Director of ACER
(Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators)

Oliver Koch - Deputy Head of Unit of Wholesale markets, electricity & gas, DG ENER, European Commission

2019 is a year of change for Europe: a new Parliament, a new Commission and the end of a decade. A decade that saw the Third Energy Package implemented, the Energy Union established, the COP21 agreement signed off and Europeans being increasingly concerned with climate change. This was also a first decade of existence for European players like ACER and the ENTSOs.

Only a few months separate us from the next decade. Time to reflect on what is on the menu to have clean energy for all Europeans.

This EEF debate will welcome new MEPs and EEF members to listen to ingredients of this energy menu served by the European Commission, ACER, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG. As usual, our question and answer session will give all participants an occasion to spice up the evening by raising a question or expressing their ideas.

Moreover, it will also give us an opportunity to celebrate the first ten years of presence and achievements of ACER and the ENTSOs!